Preventive Healthcare


The clinic goal is to provide the following services:

  •    Over the counter medications  for all ages
  •     Antibiotics treatment dose
  •     Blood pressure medication monthly dose
  •     Diabetes medications monthly dose
  •     Prenatal vitamin monthly
  •     Multivitamins for all ages  monthly
  •     Wound Care Treatment
  •     On site IV therapy
  •     Asthma treatment
  •     Insulin
  •     Injection



Clinic: Monday – Friday 8am-4pm
Pharmacy: Monday – Friday 10am-4pm


Nurse, Medical Assistant, Receptionist, Custodian (Monday – Friday)
Pediatrician 1x/wk
Internist 2x/wk
OBGYN 2x/mo


Healthcare Maintenance: Monday – Friday
-    Weekly Blood Pressure Check and Weight Check for Pregnant Women
-    Daily Blood Pressure check
-    Daily blood sugar check
-    Wound care

Weekly schedule on Health Care Education:
-    Age Appropriate Health care Education
-    Diabetes self care management
-    Blood Pressure Management
-    Infection Control
-    Sexually Transmitted Diseases